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A way to enter a reason for reporting a listing

dlbroadbent.2013 4 years ago updated by sales 4 years ago 1

I keep encountering listings falsely under CIB for high end items that shouldn't be there due to including missing components, reproduction components (manuals, boxes) etc. A way to include a reason why a listing is being reported so that certain reasons could be prioritized and looked into (perhaps out of a drop down list of potential options + optional text field to be specific?).

I feel like wrong information shouldn't stick around long but it seems like just the plain old report button doesn't always seem to get things sorted out with any real speed and that's kind of a bummer when its regarding a piece you own yourself.

Under review

This is a good suggestion. We go through those reports every day, but we have to prioritize them because some people "report" stuff that isn't a problem and we get hundreds of the reports per day.

This might be a good way to at least know what to look for and prioritize ones that of a certain kind.