Show a % of How many Games of a Specific Console I own

goguenator 3 years ago updated by Shaggy 10 months ago 8

Actually showing a % of what I own compared to how many games were made for that console. Per Example: 388 Games were Made in the US and I own 85 of them it will then show 21% of the whole collection I own, also for it to tell me what I still need to complete the set.


I could see a problem like "repros" and "[cardbox version]" counting as a different game as the regular/original listed (for instance, the Genesis list has a bunch of regular AND cardboxed versions, with different pricing when loose -- which I believe it shouldn't, since the carts are the same once removed from its cover/box), and it counts as a separated game...

there's also "mega man wily wars [repro]" in that list, which would cause "US games" to be non-reliable, since it wasn't released in the US...

unless the developers link them as into a single game divided into 'categories'

Ahiru, I actually had my game collection on Game Value Now and it was just nice to see the actual percentage of what I owned. I believe they could make it without repros and games similar to that subject but I guess it's just a feature I miss because GameValueNow is pretty much Dead.


goguenator and ahiru - Thanks for your comments.  I like this idea. I'm waiting to see how popular it is with other users implementing.  If we did implement we would probably hard code the number of games released for a particular console NOT counting variants.  Then when calculating % ownership we would exclude variants too.  We could do the same with "special" games like Nintendo World Championships and games like that.


I was just about to suggest this idea as I use this site to keep track of my collection. I am currently going for a complete ps2 collection and it would be nice to know how many I have out of those listed. Even with variants etc. I would still appreciate not having to scan through the lengthy list and count how many I have versus how many are listed. I love this idea!

Any update onto if this is still happening?! Would love it to be in the works, Thanks!

Any update if this is still happening or going to be? Would love for it to be in the works of how much of a specific console I own. Thanks!


I plan to work on improvements to the collection tool this summer including some reporting ones.  This should be included in those.


that would be so awesome!