Add strategy guide prices

Anonymous 4 years ago updated 2 months ago 9

It would be nice to find out what guides are worth so no one gets scalped. Also would be nice to catalog as a collection.  Some of the Nintendo Player's guides are quite valuable now.


Adding Nintendo Power magazines in the near future.  Will see how that goes before adding some other strategy guides and magazines.

We've added Nintendo Power issues


Not exactly strategy guides, but very similar


If you end up adding strategy guides, i would be more then happy to help enter them in. I have a good size collection of snes and ps1 guides. So it would be awesome to keep track of them and their value.


Adding Game Informer and other gaming magazines would be awesome too


definitely interested in the “official” Nintendo strategy guides and players guides. I’ve seen the Super Metroid one, for example, go for pretty decent money.

Really want to catalog strategy guides. Maybe also other guide books published by game publishers, like Minecraft's gotta bunch. I have the three guide books, and Blockopedia, and some Pokemon and Disney Infinity Guide Books, probably not worth too much, but I'm still very much interested in their value.

Please add support for strategy guides!

strategy guides please 

I have quite a few game strategy guides that I have accumulated over the years and some are in great shape and others are well worn but rather than sell them for a low price it would be nice to have them added because I see many of them are sold on eBay already.